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History of the Edward M. Cotter Fireboat

March 24, 1900 - Keel laid in Elizabeth Port, NJ with an original cost of $91,000.

September 5, 1900 - Officially christened with original name William S. Grattan by Virginia Pearson (daughter of Buffalo Fire Dept. Commissioner).

November 15, 1900 - William S. Grattan Fireboat officially in service weighing 274 gross tons, with 2 coal boilers and able to pump 9,000 GPM.

July 28, 1928 - While fighting an oil barge fire, the Fireboat was engulfed in flames. The crew had to abandon ship and swim to shore. Chief Engineer Thomas Lynch lost his life while seven other crew members were also injured.

1930 - The Fireboat was rebuilt at the Buffalo Dry Dock Company and her boilers were converted from coal to oil. The engines were rebuilt and foam fire retardant capabilities were added to the firefighting systems.

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